My Top Intentions for Medium in April 2021

Prepare for my redemption arc, will it be yours too?

Abby Cheval
4 min readApr 3, 2021


I want to be honest. 2021 is my Year of Honesty. Here’s where I screwed up.

A girl sits on her sofa bed holding a potted plant.
Me sitting and holding my plant, hoping it will grow.

I joined Medium about 5 years ago and never wrote anything, just imagining that I one day would. It wasn’t until last year that I decided to return during the summer of the pandemic. I wrote a total of 8 articles and only about 3 of them I actually liked. But after a month, I didn’t return when I had other writing obligations. Unfulfilling school assignments and failed job applications took away my confidence and creative mojo.

I bet each bit all sounds familiar. You’ve probably gone through a similar period with your own hobbies or interests. Wishing that you could turn it into something productive. The anxiety you feel over missing out on creating and growing is insurmountable. And you probably have such limp reasons for why you’re not doing it — like me.

I had no real excuse for why I left Medium other than I didn’t care enough. But I always cared enough to look in on my old posts, sigh and think “I remember when I wrote those”. It sucks when you really like something and you’re proud of doing it, but you let it go to waste.

So this stops now. At least for this month.

I no longer have school or a job to hide behind. I am starting fresh and I’ve unlisted all the previous stories I’ve written to begin a clean writing slate. Maybe sometimes that’s what you need to do. Forgive yourself for not enjoying or nurturing your interests and just…reset.

And so, here are my top intentions for my redemption arc in April 2021:

  1. Get better at curation — memorizing the official guide like a devout religious follower, I will try and follow these principles to the best of my ability. This will ensure that I write quality stories and not just throwaway blog posts.
  2. Write more — every writer and their grandmother consistently preaches the practice of writing and continuous writing. How else will anyone know you exist and help you improve if you don’t publish stories they can find? My goal is to post 3x a week this month: Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.
  3. Share my stats — this one…



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