The Biggest Lessons I Learned on Medium After 30 Days

After hitting the ‘Publish’ button many times last month, here are my thoughts on earnings, curation, and the growing pains of being a new writer.

Abby Cheval
9 min readMay 1, 2021


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With April now behind us, I’m sad to think that the challenge I had made for myself has now come to an end. At the beginning of the month, I had announced that I’d be returning to Medium full-force in order to revive my love for writing.

It was definitely a hard process some days, but very exciting and fulfilling on most. And while I did fail to produce work on 3 out of the 13 days I’d promised to publish, the stories and stats I made along the way imbued me with a sense of accomplishment I have long craved.

So to bid my top writing goals in April 2021 farewell, here’s what I have learned since I started writing again in the past (almost) 30 days. I did promise to be transparent and share my stats with you so as to see how the process looks for a new Medium writer with a small readership. This is what it gave me, and what it can also teach or remind you about your own Medium journey.

Note: Before I dive in, I also want to point out that my observations based on my stats does not apply to everyone who starts on Medium. My experience will be different from yours and if you find yours numbers or topics do better or worse than mine, that is perfectly fine. There is no baseline for how successful you should be on Medium — the only measurement should be your own level of satisfaction. Got it memorized? :) Let’s jump in!

What Ten Stories Can Do

Below is a screenshot of my views over the past 30 days and in it, you can see how much the quality and impact of my stories fluctuated with interest and timing. For context, all except one of my stories did not follow trending topics. They were each pretty personal to my feelings and experiences at the time. It shows that intimate writing can connect with people in a very fluid state.

Screenshot of the author’s stats in April 2021.
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