Why Good Pizza, Great Pizza Became My Favourite Mobile Game in 2021

And their secret cult is partially to blame.

Abby Cheval
9 min readApr 17, 2021
Screenshot of a cartoon: A redhead woman is standing behind the counter of a pizza shop. A pepperoni pizza in a box hovers in the air with the label “Good Pizza, Great Pizza!” above the counter.
In-game screenshot with the town’s local influencer: Author.

Pretend for a moment that everything you want to do in life is erased and replaced with one dream: “I want to make and eat pizza”. So you quit your semi-comfortable life to open a tiny pizzeria in the middle of town. It’s janky looking, you own one oven that cooks at the same speed it takes paint to dry, and your competitor across the street likes to come over and laugh at how ugly your pies are.

But customers who dare to come in always leave with a smile and an encouraging tip, believing that you might be great one day. You even have your own cute, little wishlist of all the toppings, upgrades and decor that you hope to buy one day to improve your tiny shop. Oh, and there’s an ancient pizza-worshipping society judging your every move. Are you ready to prove to them all that you’re a worthy ovenist?

This is what I stumbled into. Let me take you by the hand and pull you in.

Like many of you, this year has been no easier on me than the previous one. I lost my passion for many things, hit lower points than I’ve ever experienced and each day is just a blur of activity hoping to find a purpose for the next. It’s like being a monkey with a wrench, smacking on a car engine hoping one day…



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