Witty but serious and firm as always. I never tire of your writings and the way you blend both emotions in your confessionals so well! Thank you for always blessing us with new content - and enjoy your time off!!

PS: I don't know why that is in corporate America (or maybe just corporate) but having worked at a few depts in Canada's capital, many people were usually so sincere about others taking time off, saying to each other (what you sir, absolutely deserved to hear): "Absolutely, you go home and rest. Let us know if you need anything while you're out."

Even people in Canadian armed forces have often felt anxious working with their American counterparts because even the idea of actually wanting to leave when your shift ends at the office was almost looked down upon. As you said, "Work can wait; mental health cannot."

Millennial, noncommittal romantic, walking the tightrope between hope and depression. Sounds like you too? I’ll write something for both of us.