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Millennial, noncommittal romantic, walking the tightrope between hope and depression. Sounds like you too? I’ll write something for both of us.

Prepare for my redemption arc, will it be yours too?

I want to be honest. 2021 is my Year of Honesty. Here’s where I screwed up.

A girl sits on her sofa bed holding a potted plant.
Me sitting and holding my plant, hoping it will grow.

I joined Medium about 5 years ago and never wrote anything, just imagining that I one day would. It wasn’t until last year that I decided to return during the summer of the pandemic…

Fall seven times, but get up eight.

Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

Recently, I made the tough decision to turn down a nice job and it messed with my brain. The offer was for a position in a nice city at a large and well-respected company, but I couldn’t justify the two-hour distance to travel every day and I knew it wouldn’t…

Alberto! You deserve more followers and eyes on your posts. They always make me feel ways; from clever titles filled with intrigue to unsuspecting hooks that catch me either right in my heart or my soul.

I think I become a little bit better of a human being each day after reading something from your pen. I highly recommend you to anyone.

Spoilers Ahead: She is the real hero and here’s why

Laura Sirikul: Nerds of Color

**Spoilers Below**

“When you aim for nothing, you hit nothing.”

And apparently, when you do aim for something, you’re likely to strike a giant supernatural lizard in the throat and help save the day.

Here’s the thing. I can sign up for 100 martial arts classes and commit my soul…

Embracing the darkest of emotions is liberating and here’s why

Photo by Abishek on Unsplash

For the past month, I have been dealing with an emotional rollercoaster of a relationship with one of my relatives. Every day, new emotions swirl within me, challenging my notions of respect and independence. …

My in-game boyfriend constantly risks starvation

A in-game screenshot of a cat standing in a box in a room filled with moving boxes.
Screenshot from my game’s Saved Memories.

In Adorable Home, you buy everything with L-O-V-E.

I’m even not kidding. Money doesn’t exist in this game. I can only depend on my cooking skills and whether my cat will hate me today or tomorrow. Why is that compelling?

For the past two months, I’ve been slowly growing addicted…

Five simple reasons why it’s good to tuck those goals away

Photo by Adolfo Félix on Unsplash

Everyday millions of us have ideas, goals or dreams that we race to share with others. Before we know it, half the people in our lives know what our business is. …

Things to remind yourself when you’re unsure but ready this season

Photo by Mateo Giraud on Unsplash

I have a little secret to share.

Like most of us, when I was little, summer felt like freedom to me. The two-month period with no school, fun all day, and sleepless nights filled me with such imagination and possibility. …

After hitting the ‘Publish’ button many times last month, here are my thoughts on earnings, curation, and the growing pains of being a new writer.

Photo of young woman holding a plant.
Photo: Author.

With April now behind us, I’m sad to think that the challenge I had made for myself has now come to an end. At the beginning of the month, I had announced that I’d be returning to Medium full-force in order to revive my love for writing.

It was definitely…

As I enter the last year of my 20s, here’s what 2020 taught me.

Photo by Kate Hliznitsova on Unsplash

Tomorrow is my birthday and as I enter the final year of my twenties, I wanted to write a piece that would be cathartic for both of us.

Birthdays are hard enough when you’re looking back on your past self compared to where you currently are, and they’ve been especially…

Abby Cheval

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